The New Building

With H-shem's help, we were priveleged to enter the permanent structure of our Beit Medrash on Erev Rosh Hashana 5761.

Through the endless efforts of our members, the construction of the lower level was finished and all of the required documents were obtained. The night before Rosh Hashana, we moved form our previous quarters, a rented house on Rechov Reuven, into the bottom floor of our new building.

In Iyar 5763, (May 2003) we began construction of the upper floor of the Beit Knesset. Now the outer structure and roof are complete, but we still need your help to complete the inside of the structure.Below are some photos of the new building in the various stages of construction.

Click here for panoramic view of our shul and the neighborhood that surrounds it. (Be patient – it’s a large file and takes a couple of minutes to fully display).

Shortly after entering the new building, a new Sefer Torah was brought into the shul by Mrs. Tokayer, (mother of our president, Mr. Gershon Tokayer) in memory of her husband, Rav Yehudah Tokayer z"l. The Hachnasat Sefer Torah was attended by many and provided encouragement to the entire Kehilla.

The current premises has a sanctuary and several rooms for shiurim and youth groups. The daily shiurim utilize this room, and the children groups meet every Shabbat during the Rabbi's drasha. The Seforim library has grown and now boasts over 100 titles. Every morning and evening, residents of Beit Shemesh come to Beit Medrash to learn and daven, creating a unique and warm atmosphere.

Here's our photo gallery:

Main Sanctuary -Front

Main Sanctuary - Back

Class Room               

Although the inside of the bottom level is complete and beautified, the outside still needs work. As the Mishna states in Avot (4:27)- "Al Tistakel Bakankan, Elah Mah Sh'yesh Bo" - Do not look at the jug; look at its contents.

Building Trivia

The "encampments" of our Kehilla have been the following:
* Grocery Store on Rechov Bar Ilan
* Kruger's Children's Library, 32 Rechov Reuven
* The Mund's residence at 46 Rechov Reuven
* Gan Bareket
* Gan Rimonim (one Shabbat)
* The Bar-Yaacov's residence at 37 Rechov Reuven

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